Warren Montgomery

Life isn’t always easy, but it can be joyful.   

It’s one thing to be raised in a Christian environment, but another to truly experience the joy of living life with Jesus by your side. 

Maybe you, like Warren, were raised as a Christian, but still feel like something is missing. Accepting Jesus and living like Him is that missing piece. Jesus is there to be your guide, for navigating the rest of your life. Like Jesus, we must use our influence for good.

Here is Warren’s story of Change.

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Well I grew up, I had a great mom and dad, a great family, and we went to church, but I found church kind of boring, to tell the truth.

I was in high school and this guy invited me to come to a party on Wednesday nights. There were a bunch of girls there and it was either stay home and act like I was studying, or go to this place where there are a bunch of girls, and I said “well, that’s a no brainer”! So I started going to this thing and they would sing songs and play games and this guy would talk about Jesus Christ, just talk about His life and everything else. I decided you know what, I like that guy, I like that guy Jesus 

I looked at all the different philosophies and religions and ways of being and living. I can tell they’re not going to take me to where I wanna go. You [Jesus]  have the words to eternal life. Whatever you think of Jesus, this guy is authentic. This guy is real. I may not know the way…He knows the way. And then after you follow him, for me, then I knew. Then I knew.

I remember praying one time, actually walking up in the mountains, and I said you know Jesus, I’ve heard about the spirit, people talk about the Holy Spirit, I said if you want me to have that spirit, your spirit, give it to me.    

I tell you this…I was having a great time not being a Christian… I was going to parties. I had a lot of friends and all that sort of stuff, but when I became a Christian, and it didn’t happen overnight, but my life began to change and some of the things that I thought were satisfying were no longer satisfying. 

It’s not always a feel-good time but you know Jesus, He doesn’t promise happiness, he promises joy. And so that’s that’s the sign of the Christian life: you’ve got joy.

You know all of us are leaders, and by leaders, I mean that other people are looking at us all the time whether we realize it or not. People are watching us; watching what we’re doing, watching what we’re saying, and so all of us influence other people for good or for bad.

I feel like I’m called to be in the position I’m in…but more than that I feel like I’ve been called to love God in the position I’m in.

It’s a journey, but Jesus has changed my life and continues to change my life… he continues to make me into a different and a better person than who I was.