Steven Matamoros

The most incredible thing about God is perhaps that even in the most horrible, life-shattering moments, He is there.

He can offer peace that we can’t even understand. Even when a terrible thing happens, like the loss of a child. 

That doesn’t mean life is easy! It means that He gives us faith and hope, even the ability to find joy in the middle of hardships. Steven experienced this when he lost his daughter in an accident, something most of us can’t even imagine, and yet he can still have faith, and hope, and know his daughter is in God’s arms.

Here’s Steven’s story of change: 

Steve Matamoros

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I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness and thought I knew something about the Bible, I guess I was maybe a little prideful about it; just kind of growing up in that. Everybody kind of looked up to me. I had a lot of cousins looking up to me and stuff. It just had a different view of who Jesus was. I always thought I was just good.


I married at 17 and then had two children with my first wife and got divorced from her. Got remarried again, had two more children. It was just a lot of conflict and I just felt stretched all the way around. I couldn’t make everybody happy. 


I had a cousin who would always say, “You need Jesus, you need Christ, you need to go to church.” He invited me to this Alpha course over there at Lakeview Christian Center. I started to hear different things of what I have learned in my childhood. 


When I really came to know Jesus was probably on October 14 of 2012. That was the day that I surrendered my life and that it just all made sense. I just gave it over to Him. I couldn’t do it no more. He has just changed my life. I don’t know even know if that’s like…It’s so much.


I always said that I felt like He kind of took my family apart and put it back together. And then my relationship with my children grew much better. My relationship with my wife, who is my number one, grew way better. And then everything just started to change. It was just freedom. I don’t know how to explain it. It was a weird feeling, but I felt free, just free. The weight just lifted and came off of me. 


He is always with us no matter what we go through.. In fact, I lost a daughter going on four years this November, from a car accident. She was my oldest. Even then, when I heard the news, God gave me this peace because it’s like I knew that He had her. Like, he was just telling me, “I have her, I have her”. He was so gracious to show me even as the days went by, just to show me things that, I got her.


He is so loving. He is so kind. He is… It’s just amazing. He is just amazing. He is what He says He is and He will not let you down.


He is amazing. Like He is where I want to be.