Jenna Mouton

Without God, life can feel like it has no purpose. But with Him in your life, you know that there is a plan. You know that you are loved. 

Jenna had a strong desire to know God, and of course, He was always there for her. Just like with Jenna’s experience, He’s ready to wrap you in His love and to give you a purpose in this beautiful journey of life.

Watch Jenna’s story of Change. 


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I first came to know Jesus, you know, when you’re younger and you say like a little prayer at the table, but I didn’t really come to know Him until two years ago when I was saved. I went to this production called “Beyond the Grave” at Victory [Church]. And it’s kind of like a play about what would you do if you’re in the instance of dying for your faith? And I had never even thought about that, I was just going with my friend. She has been raised in a church and like her whole family is Christian and there was an alter call at the end. And it was like, if you need to feel revived, if you need to feel like you have a purpose in life, Jesus can be that purpose. And that’s when I knew that, like I was just walking around, like I have no purpose. I don’t even know why I’m here. And I felt Jesus’ breath on my face, like when I was at the altar call. And so I knew that like I had to give my life to God.

After I had told her what happened, she got her mom involved. And so her mom has kind of been like helping me through it and learning about the faith. It’s still a working effort and I’m trying with my family, but it’s been not successful so far, but God’s timing. It’s easier now because I drive, but I used to have to beg my mom to drive me to church events and stuff like that. I don’t feel like I’m alone. I feel like it’s lonely at times just because my family and because I’m just a 16 year old girl trying to figure out stuff, but I don’t feel alone though, because of God, because I always know He’s there. He will always listen. Even when I’m like, not always trying to run after Him. He’s always trying to run after me.

I know that God has plans for me. I know that I’m not done yet. I feel more hopeful about the future. I feel like it’s going to be amazing because God made it. God could’ve picked any other girl to have my life, but He chose me especially and He knows everything about me in my heart, everything, so I know it’s for His purposes. 

What happens here is not permanent. And what happens here is not the end goal. The end goal is to be with God in heaven. So I think that just takes a lot of stress off every day. 

There’s just freedom in knowing that God will never leave us. And that He’ll always be there even when we mess up and He’s always willing to welcome us back. 

He changed my life by showing me that I’m worthy to live and worthy to love.